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Our purpose has always been clear. For decades, Effect Partners has proudly served as catalysts for positive impact, using the power of music, art and culture to strengthen communities and inspire social change. But these are divided times. More people than ever are trapped in false bubbles, fiercely competing to prove others wrong, armed with half-baked truths. Meanwhile, our planet burns.

We believe climate change, and the health of our shared planet, is the most pressing issue facing humanity today. Like so many others, “We Are Still In”, in fact, we are committing ourselves more than ever to bring others in as well. We are waging our own war on plastic. Encouraging as many people as possible to reduce meat and dairy consumption. And helping protect the legacy of the environmental movement by strengthening Earth Day itself.
But still more is needed. For the first time in recent memory, environmental concerns are in jeopardy of dropping too far from the everyday public radar. Recent studies show that, for too many, climate change is barely part of even infrequent conversation. Too few people regularly engage in any meaningful dialogue about our rapidly changing climate, its causes and solutions.

To us, achieving a climate breakthrough is less about frightening data, dire projections and record-breaking weather reports. It’s about geography. It’s about a simple, singular insight that binds us all together regardless of the tribe we subscribe to: each of us will do whatever it takes to protect the places we care most about.

Our content campaign, Protect This Place, is curated by our staff, and designed to inspire people to share their own stories and shine a spotlight on those places they will do everything to protect. It could be the hood you call home, with its annual block party, music blaring and kids running through the fire hydrant’s mist. It could be a lake, river or beach you claim as your own. That mountain peak where you first felt that crisp clarity of vision that only comes when you stand on top of the world. Maybe it’s that small, cramped DIY music venue where you saw your favorite band with a handful of passionate fans. Perhaps it’s that park where you take your kids to play every day after school, or the campground where Dad taught you to build a fire. It could be the church you were married in, or the schoolyard where you shared your first kiss.

This isn’t about reposting facts or recycling science. We are not setting out to preach to the converted and strengthen our own bubble. We see no value in adding to the waste pile of color-coded cliche campaigns that have smothered the environmental movement for decades. By bringing attention to these places through the power of storytelling, we hope to cultivate a shared pride and renewed purpose to work together to help heal our planet.

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