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The Return Of Hope: First 100 Days

Today officially marks the Biden-Harris Administration’s First 100 Days. Like many, we’re seeing the return of hope. Take a look at accomplishments so far: 

And so we asked our partners:

What gives you the most hope coming out of the Biden-Harris Administration’s First 100 Days?

See what they had to say:

Shannon Astorino / Accountant, r.Cup

The reentering of the Paris Climate agreement.

Erick Castro / Creative and Culinary Director, Plantega

I feel like decisions were made that would help the planet long term but am still waiting for specific changes for low income areas and changes made with police brutality. I’m happy that our president isn’t publicly being a racist causing other countries to laugh at us like they did before.

Chris Chamberlin / President, Effect Partners

Two words: Deb Haaland. The appointment of our first Indigenous cabinet official, especially for Interior, is one small mighty step towards honoring the sacred wisdom of our ancestors and embracing the healing powers of our land.

Shawna Daugherty / Operations and Supply Chain Manager, r.Cup

For me, it is having a presidential President again. Someone who addresses the nation after something good or bad happens. Not incoherent tweets in the middle of the night. 

Jessica Johnston / Marketing Director, r.Cup and Effect Partners

The recognition of our global climate crisis and return to leading actionable change is so, so, so important. And also, equity and inclusion is at the center of everything. Heart, compassion, collaboration, transparency and urgency. I could go on and on and on.

Susan Peters / SVP, Food and Wellness, Effect Partners

My greatest hope is that this marks the start of a historically significant era of positive change and outcomes for our planet and people.

Aydan Yarano / Project Manager, r.Cup

I have begun to feel hope for the planet once more; our people and our environment are being addressed. While there’s no overnight fix, I believe that the narrative of social and climate impact is being taken seriously by our leaders finally, and hopefully the wave of positive change will carry forward with purpose into the future!


Now, we invite you to also reflect on this very same question. 

And, what would you like to see accomplished in the NEXT 100 days?


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