Three decades of success building climate solutions with some of the largest and most iconic food, entertainment and mission-aligned organizations on the planet.


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“Collaborating with Effect Partners for the Band Together project exceeded our expectations. Pulling off such a unique blend of music, storytelling and climate action wasn’t easy. We appreciated their teamwork and commitment to maximizing the impact of this project and we look forward to future opportunities to advance our shared fight for climate justice.”

- Nicole Rom

Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy

Vegan Strong

Proving That Plants Have All The Protein You Need

The prevailing belief and obsession among competitive bodybuilding is that animal protein — eating meat and lots of it — is the only way to achieve optimal physique, performance and strength. Effect Partners teamed up with a leading national plant-based foundation to create measurable impact within the competitive bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast communities to debunk this widespread myth, educate them about the proven benefits of a plant-based protein diet for peak performance, and foster a strong community. Essentially, show that “plants have all the protein you need.”


The One Sweet Whirled Campaign

Unifying The Global Warming Movement

In the late 1990’s, Effect Partners helped change the course of history, bringing together Ben & Jerry’s and Dave Matthews Band to create the first national global warming campaign.

Leveraging the band’s popular “One Sweet World” song, we created The Ben & Jerry’s Dave Matthews Band “One Sweet Whirled” Global Warming flavor and campaign, putting global warming on the minds of mainstream America with a hopeful message of change and impact: “Eat this ice cream and lose 2,000 pounds…of CO2.”


Organic and Natural Experience (ONE)

Breaking The Awareness Barrier Through Scaled Sampling Solutions

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Effect Partners was essentially the “field marketing arm” for the organic and natural industry, launching the in-person sampling efforts for emerging organic and natural brands including: CLIF Bar, Nature’s Path, Earthbound Farm, Stonyfield, Annie’s, Amy’s Naturals, Pacific Foods, Luna Bar, Wolfgang Puck and many more. This event marketing for the individual brands was working. However, we realized that one individual brand could not make a significant dent in introducing and promoting a new category. With experience in creating campaigns and having a deep knowledge in food, food retail and food’s impact on the environment, we created a “co-op” sampling program and campaign to take up to 30 brands at a time to major mainstream events across the country. The Organic and Natural Experience (ONE) Tour was born.


Earth Day Network: #EatMorePlants

Fighting Climate Change with Diet Change On The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day approaching in 2020, Effect Partners sought out to educate consumers, influencers and policy makers about the intersection of climate change, food systems and personal diets. While they share many of the same objectives, for too long the environmental and vegan movements have largely operated separately with little collaboration or synergy between major organizations that represent their agendas. And, despite climate concerns reaching all-time highs, those who self-identify as vegan or vegetarian remain in the low single digits. The time was right to spark unity between the two movements and amplify the fact that moving towards a plant-based lifestyle is the simplest and most impactful action that Americans can take to reduce their personal climate footprint.


Go Organic for Earth Day!

Breaking Trial Barriers for Organic Food

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Effect Partners developed a robust sampling program with leading organic and natural brands.

In the process of giving out millions of samples, we discovered consumers did not understand what “Organic” meant. Many thought “Natural” was better than “Organic.” So, we proposed to the Organic Trade Association a concept to increase national awareness and sales of organic products and brands. We had the idea to create a campaign that retailers, organic brands, environmental organizations and schools could get behind with a goal of increasing national awareness 3% and sales 10%. Go Organic! For Earth Day used the month of April to create a retailer promotion highlighting the environmental and health benefits of organic while profiling the leading organic brands.


CLIF GreenNotes

Empowering Local Non-Profits In The Fight For Climate Justice

Effect Partners created GreenNotes in 2005 to help CLIF reach market segments beyond just sports and do it while creating long lasting, positive social change.

GreenNotes is a program that uses the power of music to catalyze systems and personal change while also helping musicians learn how to use their platform and diverse voices for good. Comprised of over 150 musicians globally, the GreenNotes community includes Grammy-winning musicians Bon Iver, Michael Franti and OK Go, and emerging artists such as Marian Hill and SWMRS who are catalysts to create impact for CLIF GreenNotes non-profit partners.


Incubated solutions

We incubate new solutions using a process born from our three decades of experience. Our mission is to not just identify barriers to progress but create systemic change through self-sustaining businesses.


Improving Access to Tasty, Convenient Plant-Based Food

In 2020, Effect Partners formed collective of several leading food advocates to bring iconic plant-based brands to three Bodegas in New York City in an initiative called, Plantega. Our mission is to introduce some of the tastiest flavors in the hottest and healthiest food trend, while also helping brands and small business owners better understand how they can tackle the sector’s most present growth challenge: accessibility.



Disrupting Single-Use Plastic One Cup at a Time

Created by Effect Partners in 2017 and ultimately spinning off on its own in 2018, r.Cup is a rentable, reusable cup system that directly addresses one of the most harmful pollution sources found at live events – single-use plastics and disposables.

Already making an impact, r.Cup was named one of Fast Company’s ‘World’s 10 Most Innovative Live Event Companies’ for 2020, and will soon be expanding its Reuse Movement further into the food service industry to take on the alarming increase of single-use togo container trash caused by the fast growing trend: take out dining.



Helping Olympians Inspire Everyday Athletes To Discover The Benefits of Living Dairy-Free

Who goes against wholesome milk, cookies and the American Dream? Olympic medalist and world champion cyclist Dotsie Bausch did when the Milk Industry partnered with the U.S. Olympic Committee during the 2018 Winter games. With sub-standard science but a marketing engine promoting its place atop the food pyramid, Dotsie enlisted help from Effect Partners to help put pressure on the Milk Industry to promote healthier living by going dairy free. Subsequently, what started out as a one-time disruption tactic, turned into a full-blown ongoing nutrition advocacy mission and campaign – Switch4Good – which brought a unified message from high profile athletes on the benefits of living dairy-free.



Good Vibes

We’re honored to have partnered with the biggest bands, promoters and producers in the business over the years to pioneer Climate Positive Solutions:


We provide comprehensive environmental services to our music industry partners: from managing zero-waste-to-landfill solutions at events and guiding ethical supply chain choices, to investigating solutions that reduce or avoid carbon emissions and investing in certified carbon removal or offsets equal to 120% of the overall footprint created. 

But we believe this is only half the job. Beyond the technical solutions, we also focus on delivering effective coaching and campaigns that educate internal team members about the commitment and engage fans on local climate change issues and opportunities to get involved.


Leave No Trace

Investing in and executing zero-waste-to-landfill systems during all
operations and tours. 


Sourcing merchandise and other goods with the highest technical and ethical standards. 


Eliminating single-use
plastics wherever possible. 


Auditing operations and mapping specific steps that can be effectively taken to avoid or reduce
climate emissions. 


Internal coaching and training for employees, and public facing efforts to raise awareness and action
among fans. 


Investing in certified carbon removal projects equal to or exceeding 120% of the operation’s
emissions output. 

Climate Generation: Band Together

Effect Partners helped Climate Generation raise funds for ongoing climate literacy initiatives by curating a unique benefit concert featuring a dozen of Minnesota’s most iconic and diverse artists for a unique night of music, storytelling and collective action.


Bon Iver: 2 A Billion Campaign

In 2016, Effect Partners created the custom advocacy initiative called “2 A Billion” for Bon Iver, partnering with over 75 nonprofits in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia, bringing gender equity center stage through unique tabling experiences at Bon Iver shows – raising $400K to date.


U2: Innovation and Sustainability Efforts

Since 2009, Effect Partners has greened 315 U2 shows in over 36 countries over the course of three global tours as the band’s Sustainability Director.

Together, we’re galvanizing awareness for climate change and making this vision a reality through a comprehensive tour greening program. Using U2’s global stage, the band is leading industry change by eliminating single-use plastic, reducing waste and continually seeking new ways to innovate impact, while also educating employees and inspiring action among venues and fans.