Vegan Strong


The prevailing belief and obsession among competitive bodybuilding is that animal protein — eating meat and lots of it — is the only way to achieve optimal physique, performance and strength. Effect Partners partnered with a leading national plant-based foundation to create measurable impact within the competitive bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast communities to debunk this widespread myth, educate them about the proven benefits of a plant-based protein diet for peak performance, and foster a strong community. Essentially, show that “plants have all the protein you need.” 


Drawing from the insight that naturally competitive people gravitate to a “challenge” and desire to be among like-minded individuals, Effect knew that forming a “team” or “movement” would appeal to the bodybuilding and fitness enthusiast communities. To gain credibility, an expert team of successful plant-based athletes, coaches, authors, former combat soldiers and nutritionists was established to start the “Vegan Strong” movement – a movement that challenges animal vs. plant-based protein and supports members along their eating journey to optimal health and performance success.     

Effect secured sponsors such as IsoPure, Orgain, Beyond Meat, Daiya, PB2 and Nada Moo for its Vegan Strong tour that visited 10 major fitness events across the U.S. The tour was supported by sponsorships, social media, marketing, cooking demonstrations, educational content, recipe development, couponing and sampling of plant-based products. For this community, seeing, eating and believing was critical to understanding how easy and successful going plant-based is to reach desired fitness and lifestyle results.   


Effect grew the Vegan Strong community 1,600% to 16,000 members as a result of the one-year tour and campaign. The campaign reached a 400,000-hyper-targeted audience with more than 30,000 individual engagements at events. From those events, more than 3,300 emails were collected and inspired nearly 300 people to transform their diet to plant-based following their Vegan Strong introduction. For sponsors, more than 28,000 coupons for plant-based brands and 32,000 plant-based foods and beverages were sampled to attendees. Lastly, Vegan Strong stormed social channels and grew to 11,800 followers on Instagram within the year. The impact of the campaign effectively reframed vegans from extremists to positive people focused on health and strength, and highlighted plant-based protein as an equal, if not greater, source of protein for elite athletes, competitive bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts.    

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Improving Access to Tasty, Convenient Plant-Based Food

In 2020, Effect Partners formed collective of several leading food advocates to bring iconic plant-based brands to three Bodegas in New York City in an initiative called, Plantega. Our mission is to introduce some of the tastiest flavors in the hottest and healthiest food trend, while also helping brands and small business owners better understand how they can tackle the sector’s most present growth challenge: accessibility.



Disrupting Single-Use Plastic One Cup at a Time

Created by Effect Partners in 2017 and ultimately spinning off on its own in 2018, r.Cup is a rentable, reusable cup system that directly addresses one of the most harmful pollution sources found at live events – single-use plastics and disposables.

Already making an impact, r.Cup was named one of Fast Company’s ‘World’s 10 Most Innovative Live Event Companies’ for 2020, and will soon be expanding its Reuse Movement further into the food service industry to take on the alarming increase of single-use togo container trash caused by the fast growing trend: take out dining.


The One Sweet Whirled Campaign

Unifying The Global Warming Movement

In the late 1990’s, Effect Partners helped change the course of history, bringing together Ben & Jerry’s and Dave Matthews Band to create the first national global warming campaign.

Leveraging the band’s popular “One Sweet World” song, we created The Ben & Jerry’s Dave Matthews Band “One Sweet Whirled” Global Warming flavor and campaign, putting global warming on the minds of mainstream America with a hopeful message of change and impact: “Eat this ice cream and lose 2,000 pounds…of CO2.”