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CLIF GreenNotes is a community initiative Effect Partners created for CLIF Bar to train and coach emerging artists on how to have the greatest social change impact during their careers.  GreenNotes works to move the needle on climate justice issues and bring sustainability to the music industry. Effect Partners created the GreenNotes concept for CLIF in 2005 to help CLIF reach market segments beyond just sports and do it while creating long lasting, positive social change.  GreenNotes is a program that uses the power of music to catalyze systems and personal change while also helping musicians learn how to use their platform and diverse voices for good. The program partners with non-profits, musicians, and the fans they inspire, for unique activations, events, and greening initiatives to help reverse the world’s greatest environmental challenges. The CLIF GreenNotes community is comprised of over 150 musicians globally, including Grammy-winning musicians Bon Iver, Michael Franti and OK Go, and emerging artists such as Marian Hill and SWMRS who are catalysts to create impact for CLIF GreenNotes non-profit partners.


Effect provides full support from strategic counsel and partnerships to logistics and tracking of climate impact. On average, Effect produces six climate positive tours per year, tabling activations for its national network of vetted non-profits at events and, throughout CLIF GreenNotes’ history, has produced over 15 benefit concerts demanding environmental actions, inspiring change and raising funds for important climate causes.      


Over the 15-year GreenNotes program, millions of fans, hundreds of non-profits and dozens of environmental issues have been mobilized, inspired and impacted. In 2019 alone, CLIF planted over 600 trees to offset the touring footprint of Magic Giant’s U.S. tours and prevented 155,806 single-use water bottles from entering the waste stream by providing eight U.S. tours reusable water bottles. CLIF also raised $6,327 at Source2Sea, a benefit concert for Surfrider Foundation and Living Lands & Waters, to remove single-use plastics from oceans and riverways. Due to COVID-19’s impact on the music industry, Effect Partners helped CLIF raised more than $50K through Playing From Home, a livestream benefit concert series for music venues and artists financially affected by event cancellations.

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