We Help Build The Future

Fighting for systemic solutions that address climate change, food literacy, wellness and a more just economy

Earth Day Network strategic advisors and event producers since 1990.

We partner with inspired investors, brands and bands to break down barriers to progress.

We’re a social change incubator that brings culture and business together to solve social and environmental challenges. 

Get started by activating our super powers for good:

LITERACY. Communications solutions that ground complex intersectional issues in actionable programming and campaigns.

ACCESSIBILITY. Systemic solutions that make it easier for all to access sustainable and healthier options everyday.

RESILIENCY. Robust ESG and operational solutions that ensure long-term sustainability and competitive advantage.

We’ve helped raise and invest more than $10 million for new solutions in food access, health and wellness, single-use plastic reduction and equality in just the past three years alone.

Our values are OUR compass to success

Pursue Resilient Joy

No matter how hard the task or challenging the project, always look for ways to share laughter, love, and fun.

Punch above our weight

Embrace being the small, scrappy underdog – never back down, surprise ourselves and our partners with the strength of our work.

Fight for Progress

Show our pride, determination and commitment to progressive solutions in everything we do.

Push Boundaries

Use our creative and innovative spirit to consistently explore and define what’s next, what’s possible.

Our Mission

We help all people thrive on a healthier planet by nurturing a more equitable, just economy. 

We achieve this by partnering with the most influential among us like athletes, musicians, chefs and artists to catalyze climate positive, socially inclusive, long-term systemic change.

Let’s join forces to build the future we all deserve.

Purpose Driven Services


Planning, Design, Execution,
and Measurement


Climate Positive Solutions for tour operators and event producers


Uniting forces through collective action and strategic partnerships


Media, Content, and
Graphic Design


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy development for purpose-focused organizations


Executive Coaching, Spokesperson Preparation, and Meeting Facilitation



In this age of disruption, nothing is more valuable than fresh perspectives

To fuel our solutions with diverse points of view and creative approaches, we form and facilitate collectives. Each one is composed of purpose-inspired catalysts like independent contractors, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, influencers, creative sparks, and ambitious doers who are all united in our shared passion for a more just economy.

The RipplEffect™

We create new solutions using a process born from our three decades of experience. Our mission is to not just identify barriers to progress but codify systemic change through self-sustaining businesses.


First we designate a specific social issue to target using research, community input,
and curiosity.


We then ideate and validate solutions based on the needs and opportunities for lasting change.


Next, we design and execute a field test to study viability, receptivity,
and scalability.


After a successful trial, we formalize the right organizational structure while providing consulting support to nurture its development.


Once stabilized, the new business or innovation is fully matured and

The RipplEffect™ in action

Our Food Fighters Collective is bringing iconic plant-based brands to three Bodegas in New York City in an initiative called Plantega. The prototype mission is to showcase some of the tastiest flavors in the hottest and healthiest food trend, while also helping brands and small business owners better understand how they can tackle the plant-based sector’s most present growth challenges: easier access and taste perceptions.

Hungry for More? www.eatplantega.com

“The cause of environmentalism is complicated. But with the help of Effect Partners and our production crew, U2 and Live Nation continue to find innovative ways to reduce and mitigate our touring environmental impacts. These are small and symbolic gestures but through them, we hope to educate ourselves and our audience as to how we can all do more to protect our
beautiful planet.”


Case Studies & Clients

The biggest bands, the biggest brands, the biggest challenges.

Unifying the environmental movement for one of the first ever global warming campaigns. Growing organic, pesticide-free food systems. Igniting momentum for renewable energy and carbon offsets. Guiding breakthrough sustainability policy for corporate leaders. For 30 years, we’ve pioneered new approaches and shattered barriers to progress.

Explore some of our most recent success stories and award winning efforts, then let us know how we can join forces for good.

Case Study: Switch4Good

Helping Olympians inspire everyday athletes to discover the benefits of living dairy-free

Case Study: U2

Climate Positive Tour advisors since 2009


Disrupting single-use at live events one cup at a time

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Fresh takes from our Partners and the Effect Collective