Athletes Building a Dairy-Free Future


Switch4Good is a coalition-based nonprofit dedicated to telling the truth about the dangers of dairy. Backed by Olympic and professional athletes as well as doctors, researchers, allergists, nutritionists and trainers, Switch4Good’s mission is to empower people to take control of their health and performance. The coalition’s focus is on sharing personal stories and supporting the growing community of dairy-free athletes.

Community Building

The Switch4Good coalition is an inclusive community of athletes from all sports and levels. The recent Switch4Good Summit in Los Angeles gathered together over 70 inspiring athletes, doctors, and influencers with the common vision to disrupt the dairy industry and improve human health. This first-of-its-kind Summit was only the beginning. Switch4Good is now on a mission to grow their coalition by reaching out to athletes across theĀ U.S., encouraging them to join the dairy-free movement by making the switch away from dairy, for good!

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Switch4Good launched their movement with a commercial that aired during the closing ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics and again during the 2018 Oscars. The coalition continues to build momentum by hosting athlete summits, sharing studies and facts for people to inform themselves on how dairy may be influencing their health, and growing their online community.

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