Earth Day Network

Mobilizing billions to activate and sustain the environmental movement across the globe.


In April of 1970, the first Earth Day celebrations catalyzed a movement, joining together millions of activists for the environment. Earth Day Network came together in the early 1990s to organize annual Earth Day celebrations and coordinate educational programming, political action, and environmental stewardship. We’re currently providing strategy and recruiting sponsors for Earth Day 2020.

Community Building

Earth Day Network is the largest recruiter to the environmental movement, collaborating with over 50,000 partners from 192 countries. Over one billion people around the world take part in Earth Day observances annually, and the network continually seeks to broaden and diversify the movement to optimize impact for all!


Effect Partners has worked closely with Earth Day Network over the last 30 years, solidifying Earth Day as an annual event in the early 1990s and now actively recruiting sponsors and partners for the 50th Anniversary in April 2020.

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