Each year, over a hundred million plastic cups from live events end up in landfills. r.Cup is the solution.


r.Cup partners with artists, tours, festivals, sports teams, and venues committed to reducing their environmental footprint by making strides to reduce single-use plastic waste. r.Cup is a rentable, reusable cup solution that disrupts the single-use cup. The r.Cup Program is simple: upon purchasing a beer, soda or cocktail, fans rent an event-branded r.Cup for a small deposit. At the end of the event, fans may choose to return their r.Cup for their full deposit back, or choose to keep the cup to reuse at home. The best part? Venues are nearly spotless during and after r.Cup events.

Community Building

r.Cup is building a community of artists, venues, fans, and volunteers in the battle against single-use plastic, in the U.S. and beyond. The r.Cup program has been implemented on tour with U2, Farm Aid, Bon Jovi, Radiohead, Rod Stewart, Dave Matthews Band, and Warped Tour.

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Since starting the program in September of 2017, r.Cup has taken off! TheĀ program has been implemented at over 35 shows, with over 172,000 total single-use plastic cups displaced. Over 270 volunteers have helped implement the program across the U.S. and in Europe since May 2018.

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