CLIF GreenNotes

CLIF GreenNotes drives environmental justice with nonprofits, musicians, and the fans they inspire.


In partnership with the CLIF Bar Foundation, CLIF GreenNotes provides artists with a toolkit and a platform to amplify their impact on environmental and social justice issues. CLIF GreenNotes connects nonprofits and musicians on purpose-driven campaigns.

Community Building

CLIF GreenNotes is now home to over 100 artists and 150 nonprofits, and the reach of these partnerships is even more expansive.

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For over 10 years, the CLIF GreenNotes program has helped to drive social and environmental change with nonprofits, musicians and the fans they inspire. Notable projects include the Protect The Places We Play benefit album, Marian Hill’s Climate Change Facts Campaign, the Frontside Sessions music series, tour greening with dozens of artists including SOJA, Magic Giant, The John Butler Trio and Missy Higgins and being the sustainability partner for Pitchfork Festival 2016, Air + Style Festival 2017 and Firefly Festival 2017.

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