Bon Iver & 2 A Billion

Bringing gender equity center stage.


2 A Billion is a global campaign created in collaboration with Bon Iver to raise support, awareness, and person-to-person connections in an effort to end gender inequality, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. The campaign helps to raise the platform of local nonprofits through exclusive auction packages and on-site fan engagements at Bon Iver shows across North America and Europe. 

Effect Partners manages the campaign’s outreach, vetting, and communication with the campaign’s nonprofit partners.

Community Building

2 A Billion is now a community of over 30 nonprofit partners in the U.S., the UK, and Europe. Collectively, we hope to reach millions of fans to engage them in conversations about gender equality, domestic violence prevention, and women’s empowerment. Join our community by following #2ABillion, and look for us at upcoming Bon Iver shows!


In 2017, online auctions, merchandise proceeds, and ticket sales, raised and donated over $93,000 for non-profits in the US, UK, and Europe. Already in 2018, we’ve raised over $70,000.

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