Greening Resources

Are you an artist or tour manager seeking to reduce the negative environmental impacts caused by touring and live events?

Are you a venue or concessions manager seeking guidance on how to navigate the increasing amount of eco-friendly demands from artists?

Look no further.

A guide for artists and managers who want to implement
sustainable production practices for their tours. 

Designed to help agents and production managers communicate with venue managers, promoters, and concessions managers on sustainable action items requested for artist’s performance.

Setting Greening Standards Since 1992

It was 1992. The Steve Miller Band asked Michael Martin, Executive Director of the non-profit, Concerts For the Environment (and now CEO and Founder of Effect Partners), if he could “green” their tour. It was then that the earliest, one-page version of the EnviroRider™ was born.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s. Jack Johnson & Kim Johnson were seeking a customized and fully comprehensive EnviroRider for Jack’s upcoming tour. That one-page version turned to a 15-page document that was vetted by a team of scientists from the leading environmental organizations – NRDC, Environmental Defense Fund, PIRG, Union of Concerned Scientists and the Sierra Club.

This new and improved EnviroRider™ content became the tool Jack Johnson’s team used to green their tours going forward. Effect Partners has maintained and updated this each year based on changing awareness, technologies, and available resources. In 2017, the EnviroTour™ was created as a companion to the EnviroRider™.

These tools have now been used by hundreds of artists, festivals and venues around the world, and other groups use the ideas in these documents freely. The knowledge and perspective acquired by the Effect Partners team throughout the decades has led to their latest innovation in music event greening – r.Cup.

Learn more about r.Cup, the reusable, refillable, rentable cup program working to disrupt the single-use plastic cup at live events by visiting, or reading about it  here.